EDEY End of thesis

The oral exam

The PhD candidate and his/her supervisor organize the oral examination. You will find the corresponding information in the internal regulations’s FAQ. The jury proposal has to be generated on the PhD candidate’s portal in IS-Academia. The list of the approved jury presidents is available here.

Do not forget to have your jury proposal signed by your supervisor and return it at least 8 weeks before the date for the oral examination to the administrative assistant of the programme.


According to article article 18, al. 4 of the Directive concerning doctoral studies, an oral exam by videoconference is acceptable for two of the examiners.

However, this must be clearly specified on the jury proposal. Where applicable, the member of jury sends his report by email with electronic signature.

An oral exam by teleconference is not accepted.

Only high-quality videoconferencing that allows a quickly renewed picture and no delay between sound and image is accepted.

At EPFL, the rooms CE 1 257, BPB (BP 1227) and BC 010 are equipped for videoconference. To book one of these room, contact directly SAVE (http://save.epfl.ch/visioconference); by email: [email protected] by phone: 32671, 33082, or 33098. SAVE provides technical assistance before and during the oral exam.

How to book a room?

To book a room, click here, or if videoconference facility is requested, please send an email to [email protected]. For external PhD students who do not have and EPFL contract, please send an email to [email protected].


The public defense

The PhD candidate announces to the students’ service the date of the public defense at least 1 month before it takes place. To book a room, click here.