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For courses outside EPFL.
Thank you to fill it and send with a PDF of the course information to the EDEY administrative assistant.
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  • Biomass Conversion – ONLINE
    ENG-618 – 2 credits

    Last time: Nov. 2023
    Next time: tbd
  • Digitalization in electricity systems
    ENG-601 – 2 credits
    Last time: October 2023
    Next time: tbd
  • Frédéric Joliot/Otto Hahn Summer School on nuclear reactors Physics, fuels and systems
    PHYS-600 – 3 credits

    Next time: end of August-beginning of September 2024
    Place : Aix-en-Provence (France) .
    For further information, visit FJOHSS website.
  • Power electronics for renewable applications
    ENG-612 – 3 credits
    Last time: Dec. 2023
    Next time: Winter 2024

I am a PhD student outside EPFL and would like to attend an EPFL PhD course. Is it possible?

If you are a PhD student in a Swiss or a foreign university, you can attend a PhD course at EPFL as an external auditor and receive a certificate for an equivalence of ECTS credits after you passed the exam. A registration fee may be requested. For further details, please send an email to [email protected].