EDEY For PhD Students

The three persons who are available to help and guide you.
Do not hesitate to contact them in case of problem:

  1. Your thesis director
  2. Your mentor
  3. EDEY program director – Prof. Drazen Dujic

EDEY FAQ PhD Students

You will find more information on the FAQ End of thesis under “The thesis” – “What about plagiarism check”? (scroll down).

The teaching assistantship is not ruled or decided by the doctoral program in energy. Please contact [email protected] for any question that you might have.

Should you consider taking a leave of absence, please carefully read the page “Leave of absence request for PhD candidates” and contact the secretary of your laboratory.

You can access at all time the FRAC in the main menu of ISA. After having validated the pages, you will get to the certificate that you can print. This is the only certificate that EPFL issues. For further details, please read the “Periodic data validation (FRAC EDOC)“.

EPFL’s strength is rooted in its extraordinary diversity. Our institution thrives because we show consideration for one another and do not remain indifferent in the event of harassment or discrimination: more information here.