Summer Schools

organized by our doctoral candidates for their peers

To enhance exchange between EPFL and ETH Zürich students, our doctoral candidates have the opportunity to obtain funding and organize their own summer school, together with their colleagues from the ETH Zürich (next deadline for proposals: November 1st, 2019).

All proposals obtained the support of professors from both institutions and the related EPFL doctoral program Director. A committee composed of representatives from EPFL and ETH Zürich evaluated the proposals and granted the funding.

In 2020, 7 EPFL – ETH Zürich summer schools will therefore take place between May and September.

For more information: Summer schools with ETH Zürich

The EuroTech Alliance (DTU, EPFL, TU/e, TUM, L’X and Technion) is funding selected summer schools, organized by doctoral candidates from the EuroTech Universities, for their peers. The objective of this project is to enhance exchange between the EuroTech Universities (next deadline for proposals: December 1st, 2019) .

In 2020, 2 EuroTech summer schools will take place between January and September.

For more information: Summer schools with EuroTech