EDMT Alumni testimonials

From Academia to Industry

The outstanding quality of the doctoral program in Management of Technology and the excellent academic network of the professors enabled me to achieve my goals and to pursue the academic career I always wanted.

Margarita Protopappa (EDMT 2009), Assistant Professor European Business School

The doctoral program in Management of Technology was the perfect environment for me to reflect upon and plan my entrepreneurial career

Thomas Langenberg (EDMT 2007), Entrepreneur & Consultant McKinsey & Co.

As challenging as it was rewarding, I found the PhD program in Management of Technology at EPFL to be the ideal venue for nurturing an exciting academic career: it supported good ideas with great opportunities to turn them into achievements.

Andrei Villarroel (EDMT 2008), Postdoctoral Fellow Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The EPFL doctoral program in Management of Technology gave me strong foundations on which to build an academic career. I enjoyed the freedom to experiment and to explore my research interests while following rigorous training and having access to quality advice.

Patrick Gaulé (EDMT 2009), Postdoctoral Fellow Harvard Business School

I chose EPFL because of its renowned reputation. The doctoral school and my supervisor gave me the opportunity to acquire the research skills that were instrumental in me finding a position as an assistant professor in Strategic Management.

Annamaria Conti (EDMT 2009), Postdoctoral Fellow Georgia Institute of Technology

Doing my Ph.D. at EPFL provided me with the knowledge, skills and networks that are essential for a successful career in academia.

Marcel Bogers (EDMT 2009), Post Doc, University of Southern Denmark