EDMT Course information

Credits & Organization

Our students must acquire 30 credits during their studies.

Within the first two years of doctoral studies, 12 ECTS credits must be acquired by successfully passing EDMT mandatory core courses. More specifically, 8 ECTS credits of EDMT core courses must be acquired during the first year; the remaining 4 ECTS credits of EDMT core courses can be acquired either in the first year or in the second year.

Enrollment to an EPFL course is to be done directly via IS-Academia. To register to an external course please download and complete this form.

More information on the credits requirements is available in the EDMT regulation.

We do recommend some external courses (UNIL, EUROTECH). Please contact the EDMT Administration for more information.

Our courses are open to all PhD students (EPFL, UNIL and other Universities). If you are an auditor (external student), please read the auditor page.