EDRS Annual report

According to the EDOC rules, you have to prepare, once a year, a progress report of your PhD research. Indeed, annual reports are due by June 15 every year and are reviewed by one EDRS committee member and by either the program director or the deputy to the program director. Furthermore, a EDRS committee meeting for discussing potential critical cases is scheduled in October.

The annual report (see document attached) includes two parts: the first part has to be completed by yourself and the second part has to be addressed to your PhD director (and co-director if appropriate) who will give you his/their comments in writing. Please note that both director and co-director have to complete the same form as a common agreement.

Once completed and by June 15 at the latest, please submit your report electronically, in pdf format, to myself and copy all the other parties having signed the form.

Please remember that we will resend automatically back incomplete annual report to advisors/students before any further processing.

For your information, here are the PhD students who are exempted from the annual report :

  • Students who haven’t passed their candidacy exam yet
  • Students who passed their candidacy exam after March 15
  • Students who will hand me their final exam jury proposal before June 15