EDRS End of thesis

Final exam schedule (the default deadline is 4 years after enrolment)

  • 6 months before the exam deadline, Corinne will send an e-mail to the student and thesis advisor/co-advisor announcing the exam procedure; the student and the thesis advisor/co-advisor should be able to give a clear answer whether the exam is scheduled regularly or an extension of the doctoral studies will be requested shortly
  • 4 months before the exam deadline, the student ccing the advisor/co-advisor will submit an unsigned jury proposal to Corinne per e-mail for approval (only names required, no date at that point)
  • 8 weeks before the exam, an approved proposal signed by the student, thesis advisor/co-advisor must be submitted to Corinne together with credits statement signed by thesis advisor/co-advisor (fields to be completed in IS-Academia)

For your convenience, you will find hereafter some useful links regarding the Research and writing of the thesis.