EDCB End of thesis

The thesis oral exam should take place within latest 4 years after the enrolment date.

How to proceed?

Thesis Jury

The PhD student should organize the thesis jury by:

  1. first obtaining the EDCB director’s approval of the proposed jury composition. Please send him an email (with Sonja in copy) listing the names, titles & positions of the president, one internal expert and two external experts (ETHZ experts can be considered either internal or external)
  2. and then, only after his approval, contacting the jury members and arrange the date and time and book a room
  3. then by submitting the thesis jury proposal on IS-A
  4. and finally, at least 8 weeks prior to the exam date, the PhD student should provide the EDCB Office with the thesis jury proposal form signed by the PhD student and the thesis director and co-director (if applicable) (see guidelines under oral exam – jury proposal here). This document should be accompanied by a print out of the PhD student’s ECTS account signed by the thesis director.

    Please note that both documents are to be prepared by the PhD student by logging in to his/her IS-A account.

EDCB rule, all members of the EDCB Commission, as well as full professors (PO, professeurs ordinaires) and associate professors (PA, professeurs associés) affiliated to EDCB can serve as president of the oral thesis exam.

Therefore, PhD students are authorized to propose a president from this list on any new jury proposals. The list is updated at the begining of each year.

Extension of the delay

Under exceptional circumstances, a request to prolong the thesis preparation and delay the oral thesis exam may be submitted. This extension, typically no longer than 6 months, must be well justified; the form to be used is provided below. Please fill in the form, including the ‘motivation’ part and sign it together with your thesis director before handing it to the EDCB office; it is then presented to the EDCB director for his approval and transmitted to the Dean of the EDOC. Submission of this form does not guarantee approval, the form should be submitted at least 2 months prior to the fourth year of enrolment.

More details on the website of the Doctoral School, as well as the option of downloading the “Request of extension form“.

The thesis deposit for the oral exam

Please refer to the following instructions for the deposit of your thesis directly at academic services.: FAQ End of thesis.