EDCB Mentoring

A mentor can be an excellent resource at EPFL

Image par Gerd Altmann de Pixabay

Each doctoral program has a pool of professors and MERs who are willing to serve as mentors. Mentors offer advice and support to PhD Students in the context of their training. They are the first person of reference for the PhD Students in case of problems with the thesis director or the laboratory. The mentor remains anonymous.

As part of the annual report, mentors meet with the PhD Students to discuss the progress of their work and their well-being in the laboratory.

Each pool of mentors meets regularly with the program director who, only with the agreement of the PhD Student, takes the necessary measures in case of reported issues.

Within 3 months after enrolment, the doctoral program assigns a mentor from its pool to each doctoral candidate. The doctoral candidates may change mentor with the agreement of the program Director.

The mentor remains anonymous with respect to the thesis director to ensure confidentiality. It is your decision if you would like to keep this anonymity or not.

Your mentor is a valuable resource and is available to discuss your academic progress and provide guidance. Please feel free to contact your mentor whenever you deem necessary.

Are you interested in being a mentor? Please contact the doctoral program’s administrator at the following address: [email protected]