EDCB Mentoring


Within the first 6 months of enrolment, each PhD student should choose a mentor who will follow her/his progress in the program. The mentor should be an EPFL professor; he/she cannot be the co-director of the thesis work, nor be directly linked to the host lab or to the thesis project. The mentor is authorized to act as jury president of the candidacy exam or the oral thesis exam of the PhD student s/he is mentoring.

The mentor’s main task is to follow the general progress of the student. The mentor will sign the research plan, receive the annual report and should meet with the student once per year to discuss the general advancement of the thesis. The student may also contact the mentor at any time to discuss potential problems affecting her/his doctoral studies. The mentor must contact the EDCB program director, if he/she foresees any problems with the thesis at any time.

Mentors may not be changed without the express permission of the EDCB director.

As soon as your mentor has been chosen, thank you for relaying his/her name to [email protected] so that it can be registered on your file.