EDNE Candidacy exam

Who is on the jury?

The jury consists of your thesis director (and co-director), an expert in the field and the jury president.

Who can be the president?

The list of presidents is found on the EDNE site.
Your mentor cannot play the role of your president.

Who can be the expert?

Discuss with your thesis director who would be an appropriate expert for your exam.  It must be someone who can play an objective role so they must not have any links to the lab and have not published with the lab in the last 5 years.
Your mentor cannot be an expert but can come to the exam if the President agrees.

Date for the exam – Can I get an extension?

Aim to do your Candidacy Exam within 2 weeks of your one year anniversary of your matriculation date.  If your date is more than two weeks late, then you need to fill out the Extension Request Form.  

How do I generate my Jury Proposal and Cover page?

Help found here

Can I use video conferencing?

Normally, only the expert can attend the candidacy exam by video conferencing. Your president and thesis director(s) must be physically present in the room with you.
However, as long as there is a COVID pandemic, all exams are done completely by video conferencing equipment or Zoom.  Skype is not acceptable.

What if I haven’t received all 4 credits before the exam?

If you are waiting for the final credits from a class that you have taken or finishing up, please fill out the extension form. See above.  If you pass your candidacy exam, only once you have received your 4 credits will you be accepted as a “definitive” PhD candidate in the EDNE program.

What if I fail my first attempt?

You have two chances to pass your Candidacy Exam.  If you fail the first time, work really hard with your thesis director and prepare for another try.  If you fail the second time, then unfortunately you will leave the program.

General Doctoral School FAQs – how to fill out student portal for Candidacy exam documents.

If you need a signature from the program director, please bring it to the program administrator.