EDNE Annual report

Every year you need to have an evaluation of your progress towards your PhD.

Please download the appropriate form and type them so that they are legible

1st year Candidacy exam. You need to still meet with your mentor and report to the program administrator the number of teaching hours you have achieved. Form generated in your student portal. This is considered you 1st year Annual Report.

2nd year Scientific Discussion
You need to reassemble your jury from your candidacy exam for a constructive discussion of your progress and challenges ahead. Skype and Zoom are approved for this.
Download the form, fill out your part and have your thesis director fill out their part and take it to the discussion.
Return it to the EDNE administrator.

3rd and 4th year reports
Fill out the form completely and return to the EDNE program administrator

Final report – Before the Oral exam
If you have had an extension for your Oral Exam, please fill out this form as your final annual report.