EDNE Mentoring

Within the first 3 months of your PhD, you will need to find a mentor.

Who can be my mentor and how do I find one?
In theory, any EDNE affiliated Professor can act as a mentor. However they cannot serve as a member of the jury for your Candidacy or Oral Exams. Speak with your thesis director to see who might be your future  jury members and then set up an appointment through the program administrator to meet with the program director to decide.

What does a mentor do?
The mentor is a resource and support for your PhD.
You are to meet with them at least once a year so that they can:

– monitor your progress
– listen in strict confidence if you experience difficulties while doing
your PhD
– give you a more objective point of view if necessary
– give guidance for future academic/career choices

They are not to play the role of mediator.