EDNE Mentoring

As a PhD student at EDNE, you will be guided by a Mentor, in addition to your more immediate interactions with your PhD supervisor. Your Mentor will be a professor drawn from a pool of motivated EDNE Mentors. Your Mentor will be a person of trust who can give additional guidance throughout the course of your PhD studies. Your mentor is a valuable resource, and he/she is available to discuss your academic progress and provide guidance. Please feel free to contact your mentor whenever you deem necessary, but at least once a year.

Within the first three months of your arrival at EPFL, the program Director (Ralf Schneggenburger) will meet with all new EDNE PhD students in a common welcome meeting. In this meeting, we will discuss who could be a good Mentor for you, depending on your preferences, and on the availability of Mentors from the pool. When thinking about a good Mentor, please consider that your Mentor cannot be a member of your Candidacy Exam committee, nor of your Final Exam.

The Mentor remains anonymous with respect to the thesis Director to ensure confidentiality. Thus, neither you nor the Mentor should reveal his/her identity to your supervisor. If both you (PhD student), and the Mentor think there is a compelling reason for discontinuing the Mentor Anonymity, then please inform the program Director.