Summer schools with EuroTech

The EuroTech Alliance (DTU, TUM, TU/e, EPFL and L’X) is funding selected summer/winter schools, organized by doctoral candidates from the EuroTech Universities, for their peers. The objective of this project is to enhance exchange between the EuroTech Universities.

The course should contain the following attributes:

  • Candidates acquire knowledge at the cutting edge of science & technology
  • Community building including exchanges between PhD candidates and faculty

If you have a topic you would like to explore during 2019, get started soon: submission are due by January 31st, 2019!

You can find instructions on how to submit your proposal on our dedicated webpage: Create your own summer school.

“The summer school aims at providing a broad and in-depth view on chiral magnetism and timely research topics to students, considering e.g. chiral domain walls, spin spiral and spin cycloids, skyrmions, magnonic crystal properties and directional dichroism of microwaves. The school will address experimental and theoretical physics, experimental and computational material science, microengineering and electrical engineering.


summer school 2018 chiral magnetism

Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Machine Learning
dates to be announced, EPFL (VD)

please note that this winter school will take place between October and December and not in June
summer school cross disciplinary perspectives on machine learning june 2018 “Since GPU training has made training deep neural networks feasible, machine learning has seen a strong revival. It has found and continues to find applications in almost every field of study and in recent years also attracted new researchers who try to improve the models used, as well as try to find explanations and increase interpretability of the results. This winter school brings students and cutting-edge speakers from different disciplines together, all working on or with machine learning.