EDAM How to apply?

Candidates should apply to our EDAM PhD program by its fixed deadlines.

A first selection phase consists of the evaluation of your application file. Admission being extremely competitive, it is crucial to prepare it very carefully.

Your EDAM application will be submitted directly to our program. A committee will evaluate and make a decision on your application, taking into account the research interests and potential thesis directors you indicate.

If you are admitted, you will have up to one year to enrol. If you are being hired by an EPFL lab, your contract will be organized during this time. Some time will also be needed to sort out any visa and residence permit requirements.

Your application file must entirely be completed online, via the online application form. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application (including recommendations) is fully completed before the relevant deadline.

Application, step by step

If you already applied once to our EDAM PhD program and wish to apply again, you absolutely must write a letter (in addition to and other than the requested statement of objectives) to give the commission convincing reasons why they should reconsider your application. Then you must compile this letter with your updated CV and upload this new document in the CV field. You must also mention in your application if you applied to other doctoral programs at EPFL, and if yes, to which programs.

Application Form & Enclosures

You will first have to fill in the online application form which is also available on the above link.

Please note that your candidacy will only be considered if your complete application is validated within the online system by the date of the selected deadline (including the recommendations). Material sent by email or fax will not be considered.

If you have questions: [email protected]


The new annual deadlines to apply to EDAM PhD program are 15th April and 15th December.

Your application will be considered in respect of the available financial support and open positions in relevant laboratories.


All material that you submit on this website will be treated confidentially to the extent that normal procedures allow (there are no special security measures applied to this website, and by submitting your application, you agree not to hold EPFL liable for any misuse by others of the information you provide).

Two weeks after they have been initiated, all online forms that have not yet been validated by the applicant will be erased.


A list of FAQs is at your disposal here.