EDMA Course information

Credits and course registration

During the course of his or her studies, each PhD student must earn at least 12 ECTS (credit units) before the final thesis defense.
•   At least 4 credit units must be earned within the first year.

•   For all courses taken (see below), the PhD student must have the approval of the PhD advisor. He/she must register by using the designated form.

The following courses can be chosen:

•   from the EDMA course offer
•   from the Doctoral course books (Contains ALL doctoral courses scheduled at EPFL during the current academic year) including Transferable Skill Courses.
•   from the Master program in mathematics or from other master programs at EPFL (upon approval by the thesis director AND the EDMA program director)
•   from other external doctoral courses including summer/winter schools, if the thesis director and the EDMA program director approve this beforehand and its number of credits. An examination must be completed at the end of this course. It is not possible to acquire credits by participating in a conference. Please contact EDMA administration for instructions.