EDMA How to apply?

Before making your submission, we encourage you to surf this web site, to get an idea of on-going research in mathematics at EPFL, and to go to the Doctoral School homepage to get acquainted with life at EPFL as a doctoral candidate. We believe that you will find this information stimulating and interesting, and that it will motivate you to apply for doctoral research at EPFL.

Who is eligible?

Candidates who have obtained a Master degree or an equivalent title and who have a strong background in mathematics, physics, computer science and/or related fields. Any applicant who has already completed a doctoral thesis in a similar or related subject to the field of mathematics is not admitted as a doctoral candidate at EPFL.

Exceptionally, candidates with only a Bachelor degree (at least 4 years), but with excellent grades, can apply.

Application deadlines:

  • 15 April
  • 15 September
  • 15 December

We also encourage you to have a look at the list of advertised PhD positions.

For any further questions: [email protected]


  • Complete and submit the online EPFL Doctoral School Application Form, including three reference letters and academic records, before the application deadline. Please contact your three referees in time, to ensure that your application is complete before the chosen deadline.
  • If your native language is neither English nor French, we encourage you to take the TOEFL and submit your result as well. (Code EPFL: 3253).
  • The program committee evaluates the completed applications. If your application corresponds to the requirements of our program, it will be directed to the potential PhD advisors in your field. This phase takes about 1 month.
  • You will be admitted to the doctoral program if and when a PhD advisor has agreed to accept you as a student. The beginning date will be discussed with your PhD advisor and depends on the availability of funds.
  • This procedure takes about 2 months.

Please contact us at [email protected] for any additional information you may require and hope to welcome you soon to the EPFL.

The Doctoral Candidate arrives on campus, takes an appointment with the EDMA administrator (office: MA A2 393, Station 8)  to receive more information and sign the matriculation form.

  • Copy of passport (or ID card for Swiss citizens) (non-protected pdf, limited to 2MB)
  • Master diploma (provide an official attestation, if not issued yet)
  • Master grades (originals and certified translation if not in French, German, Italian or English)
  • Bachelor diploma and grades (originals and certified translation if not in French, German, Italian or English)
  • Statement of objectives (non-protected pdf, limited to 2MB)
  • CV (non-protected pdf, limited to 2MB)
  • Highly recommended: TOEFL and GRE (or other certificates of language proficiency) (non-protected pdf, limited to 1MB)