EDMA Some open positions

If you are interested in any of these topics, you are welcome to contact the Professor responsible for the position. Also, it is recommended to mention your interest in the application form, among your scientific interests and in your statement of objectives.

Research AreaTopicProfessorDescriptionDeadline
Numerical Analysis and Scientific computingData driven haemo-dynamicsProf. Simone DeparisWe are looking for a PhD student working on time dependent  PDEs for fluid problems on coronaries. The project includes the manipulation of real patient geometries, numerical simulations and reduced order modeling based on the reduced basis method. The final aim is to build a dataset for training of networks for the prognosis of cardiac problems.
The ideal candidate needs to have a MSc in Applied/Computational Mathematics or Computational Sciences, or Mechanical Engineering, with a strong background in Galerkin methods for PDEs, as well as proficiency in programming.

For questions please contact Prof. Simone Deparis
September 15, 2022