EDMA Some open positions

Research AreaTopicProfessorDescriptionDeadline
Applied and computational mathematicsRandomized linear algebra for data analysis and complex simulationsProf. Laura GrigoriIn the context of the ERC Synergy project EMC2, the focus of this PhD will be on using randomization techniques for solving large scale linear algebra problems arising in data analysis and complex simulations.
More information here.
December 15, 2023
Research AreaTopicProfessorDescriptionDeadline
Algebra and Number Theory & Geometry and TopologyGeometric Representation TheoryProf. Andrei NeguțWe seek PhD candidates to work on a web of interrelated problems pertaining to moduli spaces of sheaves, Nakajima quiver varieties, infinite-dimensional Lie algebras (and their q-deformations) and shuffle algebras. This area of research involves aspects from several fields of mathematics, including algebraic geometry, representation theory, combinatorics and mathematical physics.
Contact: here.
April 15, 2024