EDMA Some open positions

If you are interested in any of these topics, you are welcome to contact the Professor responsible for the position. Also, it is recommended to mention your interest in the application form, among your scientific interests and in your statement of objectives.

Research AreaTopicProfessorDescriptionDeadline
Mathematics in computatio-nal SciencesDigital twins/machine learning for laser manufacturingProf. Marco Picasso (joint project with Alexandre Caboussat, HEG Geneva)The goal is to implement a digital twin for laser-based additive manufacturing. A physical model will be used to produce a large amount of data, which will be learned by a neural network. Given online measurements, an inverse method will be used to identify the missing physical parameters. The digital twin will ultimately help the end-user to select the laser process parameters, based only on a few laser passes.30.06.2021
Algebraic TopologyHomotopy TheoryJérôme SchererThe laboratory for topology and neuroscience 
https://www.epfl.ch/labs/hessbellwald-lab/ offers a PhD position in pure homotopy theory under the supervision of
Jérôme Scherer
Interested candidates are encouraged to contact him.
Arithmetic GeometryApplications of p-adic/motivic integration to problems in geometryProf. Dimitri WyssThe chair of arithmetic geometry advertises a 4-year PhD position at the intersection of number theory, algebraic geometry and representation theory. For an overview of our recent research activities visit https://www.epfl.ch/labs/arg/
The project is founded by the SNF Grant “Arithmetic aspects of moduli spaces on curves”.
Applied and Computational Mathematics

Low rank numerical methods for stochastic differential equations
Prof. Fabio NobileA PhD position is available in computational mathematics and numerical methods for stochastic differential equations. The research is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation on the project “Dynamical Low Rank methods for uncertainty quantification and data assimilation“. Candidates are invited to have a look at recent publications in the field by the group of Prof. Nobile,  https://www.epfl.ch/labs/csqi/30.04.2021
Applied and Computational MathematicsNumerical methods for multiscale stochastic problems and homogenization problemsProf. Assyr AbdulleThe ANMC chair offers 1-2 open PhD positions in Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis. The current research area of the chair is on numerical methods for multiscale stochastic problems: homogenisation problems, inverse problems, convergence to equilibrium, ensemble Kalman filtering and Bayesian methods.
Webpage: https://www.epfl.ch/labs/anmc/
Applied and Computational MathematicsMathematics in Computational SciencesProf. Daniel KressnerThe group ANCHP offers an open PhD position in Computational Linear Algebra with a particular focus on solving challenging and unusal eigenvalue problems with randomized techniques, as they arise in signal processing, algebraic geometry, computational mechanics, and other areas. The position is funded by a joint ARRS-SNSF project with the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Webpage: https://anchp.epfl.ch