Doctoral Surveys

The Doctoral School is carrying out a study on PhD candidates’ expectations and experiences doing a PhD at EPFL.

The doctoral candidates’ opinion is very important and necessary for us to be able to evaluate and improve doctoral education and career preparation.

The questionnaire is anonymous. All data received from the questionnaire will be viewed in aggregate form only (the survey does not collect any identifying information). The purpose of this questionnaire is to look at general patterns and not to look at the experience or responses of any individual.

The Doctoral School invites all doctoral candidates to complete the survey.

Thank you for helping us improve the doctoral education at EPFL!

The link to access the online survey was sent by email on November 26. The deadline to complete the survey is December 21, 2018.

Should you encounter technical difficulties or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

EPFL, November 2018

The Doctorat II questionnaire follows up on the 2005 questionnaire (Doctorat I). The questionnaire was compiled by the Dean of the Doctoral School in consultation with a working group composed of doctoral program directors, thesis directors, doctoral students and doctoral program administrative assistants. It was developed in collaboration with CRAFT and HR (for links to Atmos II).

The questionnaire was sent to all 1,952 doctoral students then registered (the total population in 2005 stood at 1,330 – an increase of 47% in seven years). There were 1,217 respondents to the survey; this represents a response rate of 62%. The response rate for the 2005 survey was 78%, for a significantly shorter survey (54 questions in 2005 compared to up to 74 in 2012).

The data set was analysed and the report prepared by Roland Tormey of CRAFT. Jacques Giovanola prepared the ‘Executive summary’ and ‘Discussion and conclusions’ sections. Open questions were codified and analysed by David Bréchet, Ingrid Le Duc, Nadine Stainier and Jean-Louis Ricci of CRAFT.

EPFL, July 2012