EDMS Open positions

The next Hiring Days in presential will take place from 17th to 19th January 2024.

This page is updated whenever new positions become available:

Additional information on projects may be available on lab webpages of EDMS thesis directors.

BMI / Brain Mind Institute:

Gioele La Manno“Spatial omics profiling of embryogenesis in 3 dimensions”. (1 position)
Fides Zenk“Epigenetic reconstruction of early human brain organoid development in single cells”. (2 positions)

ISREC / Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research:

Pierre Gönczy“Constructing and deconstructing centrioles in living systems”. (1 position)
Wouter Karthaus“Engineering new models to study drug resistance in prostate cancer”. (2 positions)
Sebastian Waszak“Molecular and genetic architecture of pediatric diffuse midline gliomas” & “Cellular origin and somatic evolution of pediatric and adult brain tumours”. (1 position)

GHI / Global Health Institute: