EDMS Open positions

Due to the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, a decision will be taken soon in what concerns the way the interview session will take place. You’ll be informed in time.

This page is updated whenever new positions become available:

Additional information on projects may be available on lab webpages of EDMS thesis directors.

GHI / Global Health Institute:

Andrea Ablasser“Nuclear cGAS in cancer evolution and therapy” (1 position)
Melanie Blokesch“Pathoecology and evolution of V. cholerae” (1 position)
Bruno Lemaitre“Innate immunity : genetic dissection of the Drosophila immune system” (1 position)

ISREC / Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research:

Can Aztekin“Deciphering the cellular basis of limb regeneration” (1 position)
Joerg Huelsken“Developing new therapies based on adoptive transfer of genetically modified immune cells” & “Organoid cancer models to understand therapy resistance” (2 positions)
Wouter Karthaus“Lineage regulation and mechanism of endocrine therapy resistance in prostate cancer” (1 position)
Elisa Oricchio“Uncover epigenetic heterogeneity in tumor evolution” (1 position)
Pierre Gönczy“Tracking centriole fate during muscle formation in zebrafish embryos and iPSC cells” (1 position)

IBI / Interschool Institute of Bioengineering:

Alex Persat“Mechanobiology of the gut microbiota” & “Investigating the mechanisms of bacterial force sensing during infection” (2 positions)
David Suter
“Protein turnover in human neurons” (1 position)

IPHYS / Institute of Physics:

Sahand Jamal Rahi 1 position (title of project to be determined)