EDMS Open positions

The next Hiring Days will take place on 19th and 20th January 2023.

This page is updated whenever new positions become available:

Additional information on projects may be available on lab webpages of EDMS thesis directors.

GHI / Global Health Institute:

Andrea Ablasser“cGAS-STING in cancer immunotherapy”. (1 position)
Giovanni d’Angelo“LipoTrace Tracing single cell lipidomes”. (2-3 positions)
Bruno Lemaitre“Drosophila Immunity”. (1 position)
Alexandre Persat“Mechanobiology of the gut microbiota”. (1 position)

ISREC / Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research:

Cathrin Brisken“Molecular mechanisms underlying breast cancer dormancy”. (1 position)
Daniel Constam“Imaging the regulation of mRNA translation in mechano-sensitive RNPs”. (1 position)
Joerg Huelsken“Developing novel colon cancer therapies using our organoid biobank”. (1 position)

ISIC / Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering:

IBI / Institute of Bioengineering:

David Suter“Determining the role of H2A.Z in gatekeeping pluripotent stem cell identity during mitosis”. (1 position)
Li Tang(1 position) Title to be determined.

NIHS / Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences: