EDMS Open positions

The next Hiring Days in presential will take place from 12th to 14th June 2024.

This page is updated whenever new positions become available:

Additional information on projects may be available on the lab web pages of EDMS thesis directors.

BMI / Brain Mind Institute:

Fides Zenk“Dissecting epigenetic regulation of cell fate acquisition in human brain organoids” (1-2 positions).

ISREC / Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research:

Sara Gallini“Defining mechanisms that empower healthy cells to prevent tumorigenesis in the skin epithelium” (1 position).
Joerg Huelsken“Targeting cancer stem cells in breast cancer: a new clinical trial” (1 position).

GHI / Global Health Institute:

Giovanni d’AngeloSpatial & functional characterization of photoreceptors lipids during retinal degeneration and neuroprotection” (1 position).
Alexandre Persat“Personalizing phage therapy for chronic pneumonia using human lung organoids” (1 position).

IBI / Institute of Bioengineering:

Christoph Merten1. “Highly multiplexed RNA-seq biomarker discovery for drug sensitivity in leukemia”
2. “Library vs library screening of T-cells and antigen-presenting cells for cancer immune therapy” (total of 2 positions).

IPHYS / Institute of Physics: