EDMS End of thesis

– 8 weeks min. before end of 4 years

Submission to the doctoral program office of the proposition of thesis jury and of the statement of credits duly signed by the thesis director and by the director of the program. These forms are available in your IS-Academia portal, one in the end of thesis procedure and the other one under “Students results”. The President of the thesis jury must be member of the EDMS Commission program.

– 7 weeks before private thesis defence

The program administrator sends the thesis jury proposal, duly signed, to the ‘Service Académique‘ (SAC, Ecublens). The doctoral student must have acquired a total of 12 credits before the oral thesis exam.

– 5 weeks min. before private thesis defence

The doctoral student uploads their pdf thesis into their IS-Academia portal. General guidelines to the doctoral thesis are available on this link.

+ 48 months max. after matriculation

Private thesis defence in English. The official record of the oral exam is given by the program administrator to the jury President who will fill it in online (not by hand!), print it and have it signed by all the thesis jury members.

+ 4 weeks min. (max. 6 months) after private thesis defence

Public thesis defence in English or French (if the private thesis exam was passed with success).

+ 1 month max. after private thesis defence

Pdf final version of thesis is uploaded to IS-Academia (if the public thesis defence was passed and the thesis accepted “sans réserve”). Fill in the PhD program survey and submit it to the doctoral program office.