EDMS New PhD Students

+ 1 week max. after arrival

The candidate goes to the doctoral program office (SV 2515) with copies of the last official university diploma and grade transcripts, with her/his new address (if applicable) to receive information about the doctoral studies and to initiate the immatriculation. The Registrar’s office (SAC) will then send an email with the next step of the procedure.

+ 1 month max. after matriculation

The candidate submits to the doctoral program office the form containing a list of courses for the first year (4 credits min.), the name of the chosen mentor (an EDMS affiliated professor), and the acceptance of the PhD program rules. Students must fill out a registration form for each doctoral course they want to attend, and they must bring it to the doctoral program administrator. The candidates must fill out a survey about their training profile. Teaching assistant positions are published on the SSV-TA website (on campus/ VPN required), please carefully read the rules and procedures.

+ 6 months max. after matriculation

The candidate organizes a meeting with her/his selected PhD program representative (mentor) to briefly discuss how she/he has settled into the new environment and into her/his project.