Compliance Guide


Dear Colleagues,

The Compliance Guide has been updated to reflect recent improvements to the support network for harassment, discrimination and other psychosocial risks, and to the system for managing complaints and sanctions in this area. The new features mainly concern the establishment of the Trust and Support Network, whose task is to provide initial listening, guidance and support, and the creation of the position of Respect Compliance Officer, whose mission is to manage formal complaints.

In this update of the Compliance Guide you will also find a new chapter on Quality Assurance. It describes the continuous improvement process to which EPFL is committed.

As a reminder, this book contains the essential rules, practices and values in force at our School. It offers each and every one of us a frame of reference on which to rely in order to study or work at EPFL in complete freedom, i.e. knowing the basic principles that govern our institution, how to apply them and who is available to answer any question.

The extraordinary diversity of EPFL is a guarantee of its vitality: diversity of teaching, research, nationalities, professions… Imagine all the professional, personal, scientific and ethical questions that this can raise. How could we work together if we did not have common knowledge and ways of doing things? We also share values such as respect, integrity of research and the good use of resources made available to us to do our work. These are all reasons why the Compliance Guide is essential to guarantee our cohesion and to accomplish the School’s missions in the same spirit.


Martin Vetterli, President of the EPFL


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