Electronic compendium of EPFL laws, ordinances, regulations and directives

Welcome to the Polylex site whose objective is to provide the faculty, staff and students of the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne with a compendium of the legal texts currently in force. These legal texts are grouped into and listed under eight main sections, for each of which one person is responsible.

The legislative competences of the EPFL Direction have their source in the Federal Act on the Federal Institutes of Technology, which governs particularly the threefold mission of EPFL (education, research and technology transfer), its organisation and its autonomy.

The ordinances determine the principles applicable and the rights and obligations in a specific domain (organisation of EPFL, EPFL staff, technology transfer). The directives and rules and regulations are secondary documents and determine the details and procedures to be followed.

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Director of Legal Affairs
Françoise Chardonnens

Please note that if English translations of the legal texts do not already exist, the original French titles are given.

The english version is provided for information purposes only and has no legal force. Only the French version is legally binding.

More informations about Polylex sections:

Person responsible: Françoise Chardonnens

The governance section comprises all legal texts connected with the organisation of the EPFL Direction and the Schools, ethics and risk management.

More information on the senior legal framework on safety, prevention and health is available on this Polylex page.

Person responsible: Jan S. Hesthaven

This section contains the legal texts relating to study programmes available at EPFL, namely the Bachelor, Master, CMS, doctoral, and continuing education programmes.


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Person responsible for Research affairs: Jan S. Hesthaven

This section contains all the legal texts relating to the funding of research and scientific equipment, the EPFL Research Awards Commission, and Technology Transfer.

Person responsible: Matthias Gäumann

The development of human resources is based from a legal point of view on a set of rights and obligations directly linked with the different categories of staff. The Confederation, the EPF Domain and EPFL are thus broadly speaking not only the employer, but also partners of the staff members who work together for the worldwide reputation of education and research.

Current legislation must not overshadow the fact that the value of human resources can only be increased via a permanent process of open-mindedness, interactions and mobility combining to bring about the improvement of skills and performances in a competitive and multicultural academic environment.

For more information concerning human resources at EPFL, please consult Ressources humaines or contact a member of its staff.

Person responsible: 

The legal texts included in the “Finance” category concern financial management, inventories, credit card management, the organisation of professional travel and the reimbursement of expenses and cash management. For further information, we recommend that you consult the VPFI website.

The legal texts included in the “Purchases” category include all of the Acts and Regulations regarding the management of purchases at EPFL. For further information, we recommend that you consult the “Strategic Purchasing Office” website.

Person responsible: Matthias Gäumann

Information Systems Security Policy (PSSI)

The PSSI stresses everyone’s responsibilities in the proper use of resources and information provided by EPFL. It :

  • is the expression of the will of the EPFL Direction in the field of information security
  • provides guidance in drafting related directives
  • provides guidance in developing protective measures for areas not subject to a directive.

The PSSI will ultimately enhance the security level by involving all stakeholders in information systems.

The PSSI affects all users of EPFL information systems, regardless of the communication channels used, as well as any information created by EPFL or entrusted to it and removed from the scope of information systems.

Person responsible: Matthias Gäumann

The Real Estate and Infrastructures Domain (DII) site provides a lot of additional information concerning its services and other documents that you may require.

Person responsible: Françoise Chardonnens

On this page you will find sections concerning childcare facilities, associations and event organisation.