EDEE Doctoral Candidates

All the forms need to be signed by the doctoral program director through the EDEE office.

Credit requirement : 12

+ 1 week max.

Enrolment of the doctoral candidate:

Contact the doctoral program in order to receive the enrolment form which is completed and duly signed by

  • the candidate
  • the thesis director
  • the doctoral program director

Please note that a co-direction must be applied for separately

Within 1 month

The doctoral candidate receives by email a confirmation of his/her enrolment directly from the SAC (EPFL registrars’ office).
He/she is asked to submit original copies of his/her university transcripts and degrees (Bachelor + Master)

+ 10 months max

The candidacy exam jury proposal must be submitted to the EDEE office max 10 months after enrolment. A minimum of 4 credits must have been acquired.

To download the candidacy jury proposal form, please login on IS-Academia. Go to the new « Thesis » tab and insert the required information. Organise the candidacy exam.

The cover page of the research plan is also available from IS-Academia.

No less than 10 business days prior to the date of the candidacy exam

The candidate submits the final version of his/her research plan directly to the candidacy exam jury members and to the EDEE office.

+ 12 months max (1st attempt)

  1. 4 credits acquired
  2. Research plan accepted
  3. Candidacy exam passed
  4. Special conditions required (if applicable) are fulfilled

+ 15 months max (2nd attempt)

Definitive admission:

There is no possibility to extend these deadlines

Each year between 1st March and 1st June

Annual Report: online system

+ 4 years max.

Oral thesis defense (closed committee).

(3 years max. from admission date)

A minimum of 2 years after the enrolment is required for the presentation of a thesis work.

If a doctoral candidate cannot end his/her thesis work within 4 years after his/her enrolment, the thesis director can make a request for extension.
This form is handed in to the EDEE office.

– 8 weeks min. before oral exam

The thesis jury proposal must arrive at the SAC with confirmation of 8 other credits acquired 7 weeks before the oral examination along with the statement of results printed from ISA-Academia and signed by the thesis director. Both of these documents are handed in at the EDEE office 8 weeks before the oral examination.

To download this jury proposition form please log in on IS-Academia.
Go to the new “Thesis” tab and check the information displayed. Organise the oral exam.

+ 4 weeks min. (max. 6 months) after the oral exam

Public presentation if the oral exam is passed with success.

+ 1 month max. after the oral exam

Thesis in final form is handed in at the SAC if the oral exam is passed and thesis accepted “sans reserve”.