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Past & present at one table…
EDPY Program directors (left to right): Prof. O. Schneider (2009 – 2014), Prof. V. Savona (2015 – 2018), Prof. F. Mila (2018 – present)

Klaus Kern celebrates the 100th thesis of his laboratory!

For the past 28 years, Klaus Kern has directed his doctoral students, young researchers in the training phase, leaving them all the freedom required to be successful in developing their ideas.

This important milestone, a first at EPFL, highlights not only the huge research activity led in his laboratory, but also his qualities in attracting talented scientists to our school.

Indeed, one of the important roles of laboratories hosted by academic institutions such as EPFL is to train the next generation of scientists and leaders be it in the fields of academic research, entrepreneurship, or the society at large.

In the frame of the Doctoral Program in Physics, we wish him a successful continuation to this 100th and we congratulate him and all the people in his department for this exceptional achievement.

Photo: Shai Mangel (EDMX – 100th), Klaus Kern, Anna M. Roslawska (EDPY – 99th)