Agreement with EuroTech

Joint supervision agreement

In 2016, an agreement on joint supervision was signed with the Eurotech Universities (EPFL, TUM, DTU, TU/e). The goal is to strengthen the collaboration between the EuroTech universities in doctoral studies and research.

The agreement aims for doctoral candidates to spend at least 6 months at another EuroTech university. Each doctoral candidate has a “home university” (with a supervisor) and one (or more) “host university (universities)”. The candidate will have a supervisor at the home university and a co-supervisor at each host university (at EPFL only one co-director can be formally nominated, though) who will jointly define the individual supervision/program.

The doctoral degree is awarded by the home university only, following its principles and rules.

A “Doctoral Project Description” will be prepared for each doctoral candidate at least 6 months before the exchange(s). This description will outline the aim and the objectives of the overall research collaboration and contain the plan of collaboration to be undertaken at the involved universities.

In order to manage the intellectual property (IP) and confidentiality issues, visiting doctoral candidates have to sign the Personal commitment of the Visiting Person or Student’s form prior to their exchange.

Both documents (for incoming as well as outgoing PhD candidates), thus the “Doctoral Project Description” and the “IP form”, should be send to the Doctoral School ([email protected]) at least 6 months before the exchange(s).

The thesis will then include a page mentioning “Joint supervision doctorate” (e.g.: “Joint supervision doctorate“) as well as the names of the participating universities. In addition, there will be a PhD appendix (e.g.: “Appendix“) describing the activities carried out by the doctoral candidate at the host university.