JDPLS Affiliated labs


ETH Zurich

Prof. Dr. Stefano BrusoniChair of Technology and Innovation Management
Prof. Dr. Emily CrossTBD
Prof. Dr. Bernd GärtnerInstitute of Theoretical Computer Science
Prof. Dr. Isabel GüntherNadel – Center for Development and Cooperation
Prof. Dr. Patrick HeizDepartment of Architecture
Prof. Dr. Christoph HölscherCognitive sciences group
Prof. Dr. Christofer HieroldChair in Micro and Nanosystems
Prof. Dr. Momoyo KajimaChair of Architectural Behaviorology
Prof. Dr. Manu KapurLearning Sciences and Higher Education group
Prof. Dr. Nadia MazouzProfessorship for Practical Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Mirko MeboldtProduct Development and Engineering Design
Prof. Dr. Mrinmaya SachanMachine Learning for Education
Prof. Dr. Christoph StadtfeldSocial Networks Lab
Prof. Dr. Elsbeth SternTeaching and Learning research group
Prof. Dr. Andreas VaterlausLaboratory for Solid State Physics
Prof. Dr. Verena ZimmermannProfessorship for Security, Privacy and Society

Affiliated Centers