EDIC Mentoring

In their second year of PhD studies, EDIC doctoral students should complete an online form listing in order of priority their four preferences for an IC faculty member to replace the first-year contact person. Doctoral students should choose a mentor who is independent of their thesis advisor(s), and outside of their research area. The EDIC program attributes the final mentor.

The mentor is available to discuss any issues related to your academic progress as well as to give you general guidance. You should meet with your mentor at least once or twice a year so that they can:

  • monitor your progress
  • listen in strict confidence if you experience difficulties while doing your PhD
  • give you a more objective point of view if necessary
  • give guidance for future academic/career choices

The role of a mentor is an important one and it’s up to you to reach out for support … do not hesitate to do so!

Additional support for PhD students

EPFL has set up the Self Care program to support all employees during this particular time caused by COVID 19.

All staff members, including PhDs, are entitled to benefit from 2 coaching sessions, 45 minutes each, in French or in English, without having to submit any request.

The objective is to allow each employee to maintain the right personal and professional balance, during this particular period that is likely to continue for some time.

The coaching sessions offer support, practical tools and concrete tips to cope with the difficulties typical to the situation we are all currently facing.

This service is strictly confidential and no prior authorization is required. This service is provided by external coaches who are bound by strict confidentiality agreements. EPFL will not have access to names nor any information shared with the coaches.

To benefit from this support, please contact your coach directly: [email protected].

The Happy-at-Work team will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your first coaching session on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.

Abbé, Emmanuel
Aberer, Karl
Ailamaki, Anastasia
Boulic, Ronan
Bugnion, Edouard
Candea, George
De Micheli, Giovani
Dillenbourg, Pierre
Falsafi, Babak
Falting, Boi
Flammarion, Nicolas
Fua, Pascal
Gastpar, Michael
Gerstner, Wulfram
Grossglauser, Matthias
Guerraoui, Rachid
Huang, Jeffrey
Hubaux, Jean-Pierre
Ienne, Paolo
Käser, Tanja
Kermarrec, Anne-Marie
Koch, Christoph
Kuncak, Viktor
Larus, James
Le Boudec, Jean-Yves
Lenstra, Arjen
Lévêque, Olivier
Macris, Nicolas
Odersky, Martin
Pauly, Mark
Payer, Mathias
Pu Faltings, Pearl
Rimoldi, Bixio
Salathé, Marcel
Süsstrunk, Sabine
Svensson, Ola
Telatar, Emre
Thiran, Patrick
Troncoso, Carmela
Urbanke, Rüdiger
Vaudenay, Serge
Wegmann, Alain
West, Robert
Zamir, Amir
Zdeborová, Lenka