Create your own summer school with EuroTech

The EuroTech Alliance (DTU, EPFL, TUM, TU/e, L’X and Technion) is funding a selected summer schools, organized by doctoral candidates from the EuroTech Universities, for their peers.

The objective of this project is to enhance exchange between the EuroTech Universities.

The course should contain the following attributes:

  • Candidates acquire knowledge at the cutting edge of science and technology
  • Community building including exchanges between doctoral candidates and faculty

Steps to follow

1. Form an organizing committee of 1 or 2 doctoral candidates from each of the participating, normally at least 3 of the 6, EuroTech Universities

2. Choose a topic

3. Prepare a 2-7 day program

4. Discuss the idea with your thesis supervisor or a professor of your institution, to obtain their written support

5. Submit your proposal including detailed budget and the above mentioned supporting letters to the doctoral school ([email protected]) for evaluation by an evaluating committee composed of scientists from DTU, EPFL, TUM, TU/e, L’X and Technion

Deadline: January 31st 2019


Organizing Committee: The organizing committee must name one main contact person in the university where the course will take place, who will be responsible for the handling of the granted funds and local organizational matters in cooperation with the doctoral school of her/his institution (DTU, EPFL, TUM, TU/e, L’X and Technion). The initiators of a summer school are fully responsible for the organization and should manage the administration of the course. The summer schools should be actively promoted within the EuroTech Universities by the organizers.

Speakers: According to your course subject, think about potential speakers – strongly favor EuroTech faculty staff (cost, community building) – you could invite, and get their agreement.

Target audience: Minimum 15 doctoral candidates from DTU, EPFL, TUM, TU/e, L’X, Technion and other international institutions. At least 2/3 of the participants have to be enrolled in one of the 6 universities. Amongst them, each participating EuroTech University should have at least 3 doctoral candidates participating in the course (organizers excluded).

Venue: The course should be held on the premises of one of the 6 universities, before the end of calendar year 2019.

Content: The endorsement of the content for the suggested summer/winter school is expected from the supervising professors (one in each institution). Their consent should be written and give an appreciation on both the quality of the school proposal and the scientific course program, and the amount of ECTS credits.

Credits: 1-2 ECTS credits for each doctoral candidate. Each university should grant the same amount of ECTS credits for the course (28 hours of work, assignments included = 1 ECTS).

Finance: You are required to impose participation fees of € 100 for doctoral candidates (members of the organizing committee are exempt). Each university covers accommodation and travel expenses of its participants, i.e. of the speakers (the faculty/postdocs who are foreseen to lecture at the school) and PhD students. The host university covers the local costs (facilities, lunch, coffee breaks, external speakers, and one event dinner). The participation fees of the PhD candidates (which demonstrates their commitment) go to the organizing university.

Verification of the learning outcomes: Details must be given on how participants will be tested at the end of your course by whatever method to ensure that the candidate acquired the new knowledge that was taught (an exam or written report, presentation, poster, group project, etc.).

Reporting: After the event, organizers are requested to deliver a financial report as well as a report on the event’s achievements (or problems). Any remaining funds will have to be returned to the universities. Substantial deviations from the original budget in the financial report must be justified. The report must include the information on the participants (number of participants and affiliated university), as well as an overview over the program and the participants’ evaluation of the course. This report should not be longer than 3 pages.

Structure of your summer school proposal

Your proposal should be submitted in PDF format to [email protected] and follow this structure:

  1. Summer school proposal form (document to download)
  2. Presentation of your summer school (2-3 pages)
    1. Topic
    2. Target audience
    3. Potential speakers
    4. Location and tentative dates
    5. Verification of the learning outcomes
    6. ECTS credits
  3. Program (1 page)
  4. Budget (Excel file to download)
  5. Supporting letters from at least 3 professors (one from each participating university)