DCSL – Data Center Systems Laboratory

DCSL Laboratory would like to congratulate Dr. Marios Kogias
for the Dennis M. Ritchie Thesis Award 2021




The Data Center Systems Laboratory (DCSL) focuses on systems-level problems within datacenters combining operating systems, networks, and computer architecture.
The group publishes its research in top conferences such as SOSP, OSDI, NSDI, Eurosys, USENIX ATC, ASPLOS, ISCA, MICRO, SoCC.   All software is open-sourced at the time of publication.

Selected past projects include:

  • IX – A Protected Data Plane Operating System for High Throughput and Low Latency (OSDI 2014, SoCC 2015, ACM TOCS 2016)
    software: https://github.com/ix-project
  • Scale-Out NUMA (ASPLOS 2014) and follow-on extensions in computer architecture (Manycore NI ISCA 15 , SABREs MICRO 16) and in rack-scale load balancing (RackOut TOCS 19, SoCC 16)
  • Zygos: Achieving Low Tail Latency for Microsecond-scale Computing — (SOSP 17)
    software: https://github.com/ix-project
  • Lancet: A self-correcting latency-measuring tool (ATC 19)
    software: https://github.com/epfl-dcsl/lancet-tool

Current projects include :


Lab funding comes from research grants:

  • VMware Faculty Research Grant
  • Microsoft EPFL-ETH Zurich Joint Research Center
  • The Nano-Tera project
  • The Botnar Foundation

Dr. George Prekas received a Google Ph.D. Fellowship in Operating Systems.
Dr. Marios Kogias received a IBM Graduate Research Fellowship.

Contact information: Laboratory Admin page