Master Theses

StudentMaster Thesis
Lucas RolletSelf-Sovereign Identity for Web AuthenticationELCA 2023
Michael Léo PaperTrusted hardware and BFTUC Berkeley 2023
Zoé MarinClient Side Encryption in Public CloudZühlke 2023
Elvric TrombertUrban Digital Twin Microservice
Architecture and its Security
ELCA 2023
Fréderic GerberA Use Case Oriented Survey of Self-Sovereign IdentitySwitch 2022
Elia AnzuoniHidden filesystem design and improvementKudelski 2022
Dahn YoussefiService Mesh Evaluation FrameworkELCA 2022
Justine SukaitisBuilding a path towards responsible use of BiometricsICRC 2021
Cédric MaireOn the Performance and Reusability Trade-offs of Security by IsolationICRC 2021
Claire LefrancqAdversarial machine learning in an adaptive grey-box settingNEC Laboratories 2021
Louis LandelleHybrid Architecture for Desktop and Web ApplicationFinancial Risk Pilot 2021
Martin WeberMeasuring Network Service Latencies with a Programmable DataplaneDCSL EPFL 2019
Ogier BouvierA zero-copy key-value store in RustDCSL EPFL 2019
Antoine AlbertelliR3P2: a Replicated Request-Response Pair ProtocolDCSL EPFL 2019
Andy RoulinAdvancing the State of Network Switch ASIC Offloading in the Linux KernelCumulus Networks 2018
Lisa ZhouStorage in IX: a High Performance Storage Layer for a Dataplane Operating SystemDCSL EPFL 2017
Frederik LilkaerEnhancing Quality of Service metrics for high fan-in Node.js applications by optimising the network stack: Leveraging IX: The Dataplane Operating SystemDCSL EPFL 2015