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The Image and Visual Representation Lab (IVRL) performs research that is primarily focused on the capture, analysis, and reproduction of color images. Aiming to improve everyone’s photographic experience, we develop algorithms and systems that help us understand, process, and measure images.

Our research areas are computational photography, color image processing, computer vision, and image quality.


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IVRL welcomes a new member Berk Dogan

— Berk Dogan joined IVRL as a computer scientist. We wish you good luck!

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We released the image relighting dataset "VIDIT"

— We released the image relighting dataset VIDIT on May 13th. It is used for the AIM workshop competitions in ECCV 2020, starting the same date. Image relighting is fundamental for domain adaptation (data augmentation, normalization), photo montage and photo manipulation for aesthetics.

Leonardo Impett © Enrico Fontolan/Bibliotheca Hertziana

Leonardo Impett defends second EPFL Digital Humanities thesis

— Following an online defense on May 8th, Leonardo Impett became the second doctoral student to earn a PhD from the EDDH, the digital humanities doctoral program in the College of Humanities (CDH) Digital Humanities Institute (DHI).

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Majed El Helou's paper accepted for publication in IEEE TIP

— The paper "Blind Universal Bayesian Image Denoising with Gaussian Noise Level Learning" accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

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Three papers accepted to ICASSP2020

— The authors will present their works on 45th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP 2020 virtually between May 4 and May 8, 2020.

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Edo Collins' paper accepted to CVPR 2020

— The paper "Editing in Style: Uncovering the Local Semantics of GANs" accepted to CVPR2020.

© 2020 CVPR IEEE

Deblina Bhattacharjee's paper accepted to CVPR 2020

— The paper "DUNIT- Detection based Unsupervised Image to Image Translation" accepted to CVPR2020.

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Congratulations to Deblina Bhattacharjee !

— Deblina Bhattacharjee passed her candidacy exam on 26.02.2020 and joined IVRL as a PhD candidate.

Sami Arpa,cofounder of the spin-off Largo Films © 2020 Alain Herzog

Box office success thanks to artificial intelligence

— Largo Films, an EPFL spin-off, unveiled its data-assisted movie-making software to producers and other movie-industry specialists today at the Berlin Film Festival. Largo’s program uses artificial intelligence to generate recommendations for just about every stage of the filmmaking process – from putting together a script and soundtrack to selecting the actors and emotional register – all in just a few minutes.

© 2020 Largo Films

Gebert Rüf's Innobooster program supports Largo

— The Gebert Rüf Foundation is supporting four new projects as part of its InnoBooster program. The approved projects are led by the startups Largo, Swistor and Hexisense from the EPFL, and Cowa Thermal Solutions AG from the University of Luzern. Each project will receive CHF 150’000.

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