Jobs & Internships

Semester and Master’s projects

If you are interested in doing a semester/master’s project at IVRL, you can do this through the Master Programs in Communication Systems or in Computer Science. For more information about available projects, click here. Note you must be accredited to EPFL.


We are constantly looking for motivated people for doing research activities in our group. 

The first step is to be admitted by a Doctoral Program.  Please refer to the website of the Doctoral Program in Computer and Communication Sciences (EDIC) for application requirements and deadlines. For more information click here. Note that admission to the EDIC program is centralized.

Among the EDIC accepted applications, the best ones are offered a 1-year IC School fellowship. Fellowship students are unaffiliated during their first year. This gives them the opportunity to take courses and get acquainted with various labs they are interested in. For fellowship students, hiring into a lab occurs at the end of the first semester or later in the year.


We only accept interns through the IC summer@epfl internship program. More information and the application deadline are here. Note that admission to the internship program is centralized. We will choose among the admitted candidates and contact you.

Postdocs and Engineers

We are currently not looking for any new Postdoc or engineer at IVRL. However, feel free to check back. If a position opens, we will advertise it here.