Immersive Interaction Research Group

Our researches focus on embodied interactions, i.e. involving users through full-body movements to achieve new classes of tasks or activities not feasible with traditional human-computer interfaces. It can be employed for training and rehabilitation or for the evaluation of potentially complex environments. In collaboration with EPFL-LNCO we conduct experiments to assess the human embodiment sensitivity to various factors so that we can propose human-centered algorithms for full-body interaction. Independently we also investigated how to impersonate a full range of 3D characters (performance animation). Finally, our Know-how in human posture control has been used for proposing new 3D sketching tools for animators.

(in french) Radio Suisse Romande La Première, émission CQFD (01/08/2016): entretien avec R. Boulic sur les travaux du IIG en Réalité Virtuelle