Immersive Interaction Research Group


Our researches focus on embodied interactions, i.e. involving users through full-body movements to achieve new classes of tasks or activities not feasible with traditional human-computer interfaces. It can be employed for training and rehabilitation or for the evaluation of potentially complex environments. We also aim to better understand and mitigate cybersickness as it is still seriously hampering XR adoption. In collaboration with EPFL-LNCO we conduct experiments to assess the human embodiment sensitivity to various factors so that we can propose human-centered algorithms for full-body interaction. Independently we also investigated how to impersonate a full range of 3D characters (performance animation). Finally, our Know-how in human posture control has been used for proposing new 3D sketching tools for animators.

March/April 2022 : our three most recent journal papers become visible in Open Access:

April 2022: the collaboration with UNIL on fostering interactive methods for learning french resulted in a new tool designed within the EPFL-IN Master Thesis of Peter Krcmar (page in french).

November 10-12th 2021: The ACM conference Motion Interaction and Games ‘2021 attracted 217 online attendees. The presentation videos are now visible on the program page and on YouTube.

June 12th 2020: overview of past activities in the Frontiers in Virtual Reality Webinar : Embodied interaction in Immersive VR