Senior scientist

 Dr Ronan Boulic – Group leader – ResearchGateGoogle scholar

 Short bio: CS PhD University of Rennes (1986),  CS Habilitation University of Grenoble (1995). He joined EPFL LIG-VRLAB in december 1989  after a postdoc in University of Montreal. He was President of EPFL teaching staff assembly from 2010 to 2013 ; he participated to the EPFL School Assembly from 2014 to 2018 and was its President ad interim from January to August 2018. His research interests include Virtual Reality, Embodied 3D  interactions, motion capture, modeling, and synthesis for virtual humans and  robots. One major key focus is to provide computationally efficient numerical  algorithms for easing real-time 3D embodied interactions.

(CV March 2024)

Administrative assistant : Brigitte Gaussens (tuesday morning and thursday morning)

PhD student

Loën Boban

Short Bio: received her master degree in Virtual Reality and Intelligent Systems from Paris-Saclay University in France. Now she works on “Embodiment in Virtual Reality” as a PhD student at EPFL-IIG.

Master Projects

Spring 2023-24:

  • Antoine Roger: (internship in Logitech) 3D Modelling from webcam input

Fall 2023-24:

  • Adriano Viegas-Milani : (internship in Logitech) comparison of input devices for a 3D display
  • Zacharie Mizeret : (internship in Autonomio) developing VR game for rehabilitation connected to an exoskeleton
  • Nolan Chapuis (internship in TCS): Leveraging road safety using Virtual Reality
  • Augustin Henry (internship in Freeshape SA): IMU based gesture detection and recognition for Optical Smart Pen

Semester Projects and Internships

Spring 2023-24

  • Lou de Bel-Air and Victor Garvalov : Predictive Model Control with the Infinadeck
  • Ugo Balducci : Studying the self-avatar follower effect in a choice context

Fall 2023-24

  • Lena de Sepibus (collaboration with EPFL-LNCO): Navigating through the layers of Virtual Reality