Senior scientist

 Dr Ronan Boulic – Group leader – ResearchGateGoogle scholar

 Short bio: CS PhD University of Rennes (1986),  CS Habilitation University of Grenoble (1995). He joined EPFL LIG-VRLAB in december 1989  after a postdoc in University of Montreal. He was President of EPFL teaching staff assembly from 2010 to 2013 ; he participated to the EPFL School Assembly from 2014 to 2018 and was its President ad interim from January to August 2018. His research interests include Virtual Reality, Embodied 3D  interactions, motion capture, modeling, and synthesis for virtual humans and  robots. One major key focus is to provide computationally efficient numerical  algorithms for easing real-time 3D interactions.

(CV August 2019)

SecretaryClaire-Lise Coscia (monday full day and wednesday morning)

Senior researcher

Postdoc Phil Lopes

Phil LopesResearchGateGoogle Scholar

Short Bio: Phil Lopes graduated with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in Digital Games from the Institute of Digital Games of the University of Malta. His main interest is in the development of new tools and algorithms for Procedural Content Generation (PCG) and Digital Game blending. He currently focuses at the interplay of audio, level design and visuals. His most developed system is Sonancia, a multi-faceted generator for horror, which can be downloaded here! Phil also worked as a post-doc at the University of Geneva, continuing his research in music and games, in addition to developing tools and applications in the emotion recognition filed specifically on the topic of e-sports.

Currently he is working on Virtual Reality systems and its application in emotion recognition, specifically for MRI analysis, which includes games and applications capable of effectively being using in this condition. He is very passionate about games (board-games, digital and pen & paper) and music (sound design, recording and playing).

PhD students

Thibault Porssut

 Short bio: Thibault Porssut received a Master degree in Mechanical engineering and Industrial Engineering from l’ Ecole des Arts et Métiers and a Research Master’s degree in Digital Mock-up and Virtual Immersion from Institut Image in France. He did his Master project at EVL in Chicago in partnership with Mechdyne.  It was about Collaborative task between the HTC Vive and the CAVE 2.  Now he works on “Embodiment in Virtual Reality” as a PhD student at EPFL

Neal Hartman

Short Bio: Neal Hartman received a B.S.E. degree in Mechnical Engineering from UC Berkeley and a M.A. in Film Directing from the university of Westminster. He iss CineGlobe Film festival director at CERN with more than 10 years experience in festival organisation in the Geneva area combined with a 20 year career as an accomplished engineer for CERN, the particle physics laboratory in Switzerland. Now he works on “Embodiment in Virtual Reality” as a PhD student at EPFL

Mathias Delahaye

Short Bio: Mathias Delahaye received a Master degree in Computer and Communication Science from Mines-Telecom Insitute at Douai. Now he works on “Embodiment in Virtual Reality” as a PhD student at EPFL

Nana Tian

Short Bio: Nana Tian received her master degree of science from Leiden University in the Netherlands. Later, she researched educational games and Productive Failure as a project officer in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Now she works on Embodiment questions in neuroscience, virtual reality and games as a Phd student in EPFL.

Scientific collaborator


Master Projects

Florian Poma (Lambda Health Systems): Serious Game design for rehabilitation

Semester Projects and Internships


Boris Zbinden: Haptic interaction in Cardiac Ressucitation Training