EPFL-IIG key research directions:

  • Investigating the human Sense of Embodiment in Virtual Reality
    • Since 2012: SNF – Immersive Embodied Interactions in Virtual Environments, in collaboration with EPFL-LNCO (Prof. O. Blanke & Dr B. Herbelin)
  • Alleviating risks of cybersickness
    • Since 2019: SNF Sinergia – DYNAMICS OF HUMAN BRAIN NETWORKS OF COGNITION AND EMOTION STUDIED WITH VIRTUAL REALITY AND CINEMA, In collaboration with UNIGE-Neuroscience (Prof. P. Vuilleumier) and EPFL- MIPLab (Prof. D. Van De Ville)
  • Ensuring fluid full-body avatar and Virtual Human movement control
    • From 1997 to 2015: SNF – Interactive Optimization of Mobile Articulated Structures
  • Providing intuitive tools and control methods for 3D character animators
    • CTI-Walt Project [2015-17]

The main contributions are visible on the Demo / Dataset / Code page.