Virtual Reality equipment

Infinadeck omnidirectional treadmill :


Dexmo haptic cyberglove

Numerous Head-Mounted Display (HMD) and their controllers:

  • 2 HTC-Vive, 1 HTC-Vive Pro, 4 HTC-Vive Pro-Eye
  • 2 Oculus Rift, 1 oculus Rift S, 22 Oculus Quest and Quest2 for teaching VR, 1 Oculus Go
  • 1 Pimax 5K and 1 Pimax 8K
  • 1 Valve Index
  • 1 Lenovo Explorer
  • 1 Hololens V1
example of HMD we use: the HTC-Vive Pro Eye

One retroprojected screen (3m x 2m)

Motion capture system

Phasespace X2 system (17 cameras) with motion capture suits

HTC-Vive trackers




Biosignal Acquisition

EEG acquisition with g-cap

G-tech EEG g-cap (32 electrodes) and GSR electrode with 3 USBamp

BITalino Physiological signal acquisition system (ECG, GSR, EGG)

Emotive BCI