The lab

The lab focuses on the following topics:

  • Machine Learning impact on society: Security, Privacy, Fairness
  • Engineering privacy-preserving systems
  • Frameworks for privacy evaluation

Here you can find more info about these lines of research, and here our complete list of publications.

News and highlights

Jun'21: Our protocol CrowdNotifier will be integrated in SwissCovid. The paper describing the protocol will appear at PETS 2021. The specification of the protocol, and a number of variants to ease deployment can be found here.

May'21: Carmela Troncoso participated in the RSA Conference Cryptographers panel

Jan'21: Our paper Angel or Devil? A Privacy Study of Mobile Parental Control Apps has received the Emilio Aced Award for Data Protection Research from the Spanish Data Protection Authority.

Sep'20: The SPRING group has been heavily involved in the design of Decentralized Privacy-preserving Proximity Tracing (DP3T), which is the core of the SwissCovid app in Switzerland and has been adopted by Google and Apple as a basis for their Exposure Notification API. The code base implementing our additional mechanisms to protect privacy in the full system is used in other coutries’ apps such as Estonia (HOIA), Portugal (STAYAWAY), Spain (Radar Covid) or Ecuador (Asi)

Aug'20: Carmela has been selected as 2020 40 under 40 emerging leaders on Technology by Fortune.

Aug'20 The paper describing Datashare Network, a decentralized search engine for journalists, designed in collaboration with ICIJ, will appear at USENIX Security 2020. We are currently implementing the system and carrying out user studies to ensure swift deployment

Work with us

If you want to work with us, check our positions page. We also have some projects for students, but we are open to consider other options. If you have an idea that you are excited about and you want to work on it, send us an email.


The lab is involved in the following courses: