LMTS: Soft Transducers Lab (Prof. H. Shea)

three projects from EPFL-LMTS on stretchable actuators

Introduction to the LMTS

We develop reliable soft stretchable compliant sensors, actuators and transducers. Our research cuts across different MEMS and miniaturized actuator technologies, with a primary focus on elastomer-based solutions and multi-functional stretchable materials.

Our core research areas are:

  • Miniaturized polymer actuators and soft transducers for a broad range of applications including soft robotics, dextrous manipulation, microfluidics and tunable optics. 
  • Wearable Haptic displays for VR/AR applications and for visually impaired users, allowing dynamic graphical information such as maps or virtual 3D shapes to be explored using one’s sense of touch.
  • MEMS and Printed Microsystems. (Dr. D. Briand, MER) Environmentally-friendly and sustainable MEMS processes and materials. Flexible, printed electronics and microsystems. Digital and additive manufacturing.


18-12-2019: Science Robotics article published on our soft robotic insect! some movies!

EPFL press release


11-2019 new movies for our soft gripper (V Cacucciolo)!


10-2019 Nature Communications Article on a highly sensitive InfraRed detector based on Shape Memory Polymers (with prof Villanueva)

8- 2019 We  developed a thin stretchable pump, that can be twisted, bent, stretched, all the while pushing liquid along the channel. Gram for gram, our pump performs as well as an aquarium pump or a workshop compressor, but is completely silent, and has no moving parts. This technology enables new applications in soft and wearable robotics. Our research was published in the journal Nature in August 2019. More details and movies here.

Fluidic artificial muscle driven by a soft stretchable pump. No external fluid connections are required, only electrical power.

Contact info:

Mailing address:

rue de la Maladière 71b, CP 526
CH-2002 Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Head of Lab: Prof. Herbert Shea, Phone +41 21 693 6663

Secretary: Mrs Myriam Poliero Phone: +41 21 695 4436

How to find us: Our lab is part of the Neuchatel campus of the EPFL-IMT. 15 minute walk from the Neuchatel train station.