Miniaturized Elastomer Transducers

Ongoing or recent applications

A fiber pump creates a jet of fluid Fiber pumps: a thin tube that is the pump
Soft Shielded Force Sensors
Multistable variable-stiffness electromagnetic devices
Soft stretchable Pumps, V 2019
Low-voltage fast DEAs and associated robust soft robot
16 N grippers weighing 1 g
Fully inkjet printed DEAs and HASEL devices
finger touching a HAXEL HAXEL flexible mm-scale zipping actuators
reconfigurable DEAs using addressable SMP fibers
Lifetime of DEAs in harsh environments

Fabrication methods for elastomer actuators

Materials and Processing Silicone membranes production  Electrodes for DEAs
 ion-implanted electrodes  Pad-printed electrodes  Laser-patterned electrodes

Some older applications and devices

  DEA-basde celle stretcher for mechanostransduction
Bending DEA Grippers Biological cell force sensor Biological cell stretcher
DEA rotary micro-motor Electroadhesion Soft Gripper Foldable DEA actuators 
High-speed soft tuneable lens High Voltage power supplies Miniature zipping DEAs
 Reconfigurable GHz devices Rupert the rolling robot

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What are Dielectric Elastomer Actuators (DEA) and Sensors

operating principle DEAIn contrast to actuators based on rigid materials such as silicon, actuators based on elastomers can have very large percentage displacements, often exceeding 100% elongation, enabling new possibilities in many fields including soft robotics, tunable optics, and cell manipulation.

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