Reconfigurable mm-wave devices

Wireless communication systems (e.g. Wifi networks, cell phones, satellite communications) integrate antenna devices necessary to control electromagnetic (EM) wave transmission and/or reception. Reconfiguratable versions of these antenna devices is becoming a prime need due to their ability to dynamically update their characteristics, such as coverage, polarization or even operating frequency.

We develop mechanically reconfigurable Millimeter-wave (MMW) devices operating between 25-100GHz using DEAs, providing low loss operation whilst remaining compact.

Tuneable mm-wave Phase shifter


Phase shifters are key components in phased array antennas for microwave (MW) and millimeterwave (MMW) communications, radars and remote sensing systems.
In collaboration with prof. Perruisseau-Carrier Adaptive MicroNano Wave Systems lab at EPFL, we have developed a mechanically reconfigurable MMW phase shifter using DEAs. The MMW design princples allows for low loss phase shifting while the use of DEA’s to provide the mechanical movement allows for a relatively compact device. Our prototype device produces a sizable phase shift (~ 180 °) at 25-35 GHz and demonstrates state of the art performance in terms of the phase shift per dB loss ~ 235 °/dB.
(Phase shifter operating principle) 


In memory of our friend Prof. Julien Perruisseau-Carrier