Equipment in the LMTS lab in Neuchatel

Most of our equipment is available to the EPFL community when not in use by the LMTS.

Soft Microsystems Processing

Printing and sintering tools

Dimatix inkjet printer

Microfab Jetlab 4 inkjet printer

Testacolor rotoprinter
Tecaprint TPM101 Pad printer

PulseForge 1200 Xe flash sintering
Near IR lamp

UV lamp

CeraPrinter F-Serie

 Processing tools

Chip Bonder

Zehntner film applicators
O2 plasma reactor
Spin coater
Planetary mixer

Equi-biaxial Stretcher

Characterization / Measurement tools

Wyko NT 1100

Instron Pull-tester

High-speed camera

DHM R2100
Laser Vibrometer MSV-400
Laser displacement sensor

Cyclic bending setup


Rapid Prototyping tools

Speedy 300 laser engraver

Step-four CNC router

Bench-top drill press