Welcome to the ICLAB

The Integrated Circuits Laboratory (ICLAB) operates as part of the Institute of Microengineering (IMT) in the new EPFL site of Neuchâtel. It is focused on the design of low-power and low-voltage analog and RF CMOS integrated circuits, on the modeling of advanced semiconductor devices with a particular focus on the MOS transistor for analog and RF design, and on the design of low-power error tolerant circuits and systems.

The general approach taken for the research activity conducted in the Integrated Circuit Laboratory relies on a deep understanding of the properties and limitations of active and passive devices from an analog and RF perspective and their impact at the circuit and system level. it is indeed our belief that such a profound understanding of the operation and limitations of the nano-scale MOS transistor is a must for the efficient design of complex circuits and systems that can take full advantage of new features of nano-scale CMOS processes without any compromise on the yield and cost in production. The strong background acquired over the years in compact modeling of the MOS transistor with the EKV model and its related design methodology applied to analog and RF circuits, helps finding optimum circuit solutions.

The overall research covers the following areas:

ICNF 2019 Conference at EPFL Microcity!!

The International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations (ICNF) is a biennial event that brings together researchers interested in theoretical and experimental aspects of fluctuations across a wide spectrum of scientific and technological fields.

Since the development of the theory of Brownian motion, the science of fluctuation has been one of the most important parts of physics. The investigation of noise and fluctuation is indispensable for the understanding of the physical processes in various microscopic and macroscopic systems. This conference will be a great opportunity for noise researchers operating in very different areas of scientific and technological endeavor to come together and create the basis for continued and renewed cross-fertilization and collaboration.

The International Conference on Fluctuation Phenomena started in 1968 and moved all over the world.  For the first time the conference will take place in Switzerland: the 25th edition (ICNF 2019) will be held in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), from June 18 to June 21, 2019.

WEBSITE: https:/icnf2019.epfl.ch