Estimation of Muscles fatigue by ions and EMG sensors


It is pivotal to study and implement stimulation systems that at the same time can provide feedback on muscle fatigue. To monitor the muscle activity and fatigue, MechanoMyoGram (MMG) signals can be recorded as well as metabolites and ions on the skin, since they reflect the mechanical behavior of the muscle without being affected by electrical stimulation artifacts

Project Aim

Towards the above-mentioned goal, this Master project aims to investigate the possibility for remote monitoring of muscles fatigue by using several sensors to record MMG signals as well as signals acquired through biosensors for lactate and/or glucose and/or ATP as well as signals acquired by using sensors for ions such as potassium, calcium, and others.


Project Tasks

  • Investigate the state-of-the-art of remote monitoring of muscle fatigue with miniaturized systems
  • Highlight the main trade-offs of possible implementations in terms of wearability on patients, as well as in terms of power, efficiency, area and range
  • Provide a setup as suitable future prototype implementation
  • Acquiring signals form the sensors
  • Correlating several data from sensors in order to establish a figure of merit about muscles fatigue

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge on sensors and rehabilitation
  • Basic knowledge of sensory and telemetry systems
  • Interest, Motivation, and Commitment to the project