PhD Course List

Nano-Bio-Sensing and Bio/CMOS interfaces

EDMI Doctoral School (& EDEE Doctoral School as well)

Course topics:

  1. Bio for Probes/Targets building blocks
  2. Bio for Probes/Targets interactions-1
  3. Bio for Probes/Targets interactions-2
  4. Bio for Detection principles-1
  5. Bio for Detection principles-2
  6. Nano for Probes immobilization
  7. Nano for Probes layer checking-1
  8. Nano for Probes layer checking-2
  9. Nano to prevent the Electron Transfer
  10. Nano to enhance the Electron Transfer
  11. CMOS for metabolite (fixed voltage)
  12. CMOS for metabolite (scanning voltage)
  13. CMOS for multi-metabolites monitoring
  14. CMOS for multi-metabolites monitoring
  15. CMOS for remote data/power transmission

Nanocomputing: Devices, Circuits and Architectures

EDEE Doctoral School

Course topics:

  1. State of the art: nanocomputing in ULTRA scaled CMOS:
  2. Field coupled nanocomputing (FCN):
  3. Nanoarraynanocomputing based on nanowires:
  4. Logic in memory:
  5. Alternative nanocomputing devices and architectures