Microcity EDA tools

Access Granting

EPFL Microcity personnel has a dedicated access to EDA tools provided by EuroPractice. In order to access these tools, and in particular the Cadence software platform, please refer to the Microcity Europractice Representative

The use of Cadence tools is formally restricted to registered EPFL Microcity members (those being registered in the EPFL directory with a proper SCIPER number and access with username/password accreditation). To that end, the Cadence license key file has been modified to take into account a list of allowed usernames. Any user not in the list will be denied launching any licensed Cadence tool.

To be entitled to use the Cadence tools (full registration process):

  1. Read and understand the Europractice Software Services End User Agreement. This document has been already signed by EPFL Microcity.
  2. Fill and sign the EPFL Microcity Cadence License Statement. Return the completed document to the mentioned address.

You’ll then receive a confirmation that you can now use the Cadence tools in EPFL Microcity.

Cadence limited online support (LoS)

Cadence Internet Learning Series (iLS)

The Cadence Internet Learning Series (iLS) is comprised of self-paced courses delivered over the web that let users proceed at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. The courses include dynamic course content, downloadable labs and instructor notes. EPFL Microcity has access to 150 free-of-charge Cadence iLS courses for academic use by way of tokens bundled with our 2017-2018 maintenance.

There are more than 110 courses currently available covering the entire Cadence portfolio including:

  • Spectre and AMSDesigner circuit simulation
  • Virtuoso advanced layout features
  • Physical Verification System
  • Genus Synthesis Solution
  • Innovus Implementation System
  • Tempus Signoff Timing Analysis
  • Voltus Power Grid Analysis
  • Allegro Sigrity power and signal integrity analysis in PCB design and layout
  • Languages for design and verification, including SystemC TLM, SystemVerilog, Verilog and VerilogA

Further information about the iLS courses is available here.

How to book a course

Send an email to the Microcity Europractice Representative asking for being entitled to book a course out of the list available here, specifying the full name of the course and personal details (name, surname, EPFL lab).

You then will receive an email confirming your booking.

Other resources