Industry Standard Model for Analog/RF IC

According to a Tsividis colleague, said Terman, “Dr. Tsividis’ textbook, ‘Operation and Modeling of the MOS Transistor,’ along with his constant preaching to the CAD community about the inadequacy of MOSFET models for analog design, was instrumental in the creation of the models such as the EKV and other compact models. It is ironic that the best reference on MOS transistor modeling was written by a circuits guy.

IEEE Field Awards Ceremony during the Plenary Session of ISSCC’07
in San Francisco on 12 February 2007

Semiconductors are the crude oil of the information age
J.F. Akers, former IBM chairman


BSIM and EKV groups have agreed to collaborate on the long-term development and support of BSIM6 as a world-class open-source MOSFET SPICE model for the international community for years to come. This is an exciting opportunity to leverage the long experience and widespread adoption of the BSIM model with the long experience and active role of EKV in furthering charge-based compact model.

Prof. C.Hu  and  Prof. C. Enz at MOS-AK/GSA in Helsinki