Bachelor Course List

Analog circuits and systems

School of Engineering > Micro Engineering





Electrical engineering science and technology

School of Engineering > Material Engineering

Course topic:
  1. Conventions: normalization, symbols and units, graphic representations of elements
  2. Electricity fundamental laws: charges and electric field, currents, electric potential and voltages, Ohm’s, Joule’s and Kirchhoff’s laws
  3. Circuit elements: voltage and current sources, resistance and resistor, inductance and inductors, capacitance and capacitor
  4. Analysis of continuous circuits: equation implementation, transformation, Thévenin and Norton theorems, Node method, Mesh method


IC design I

School of Engineering > Electrical Engineering

Course topic:
  1. MOS transistors: structure, modes of operation, large and small signal models, thermal behavior, noise, fabrication process and layout

  2. Passive devices: capacitors, resistors, MOS transistor used as a pseudo-resistor, diodes, interconnections
  3. Parasitic devices and parasitic effects: parasitic capacitors and resistors, leakage currents
  4. Basic analog structures design: a. Differential pair
b. Current mirror
c. Cascode stage d. Analog switch
e. Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA)