Bio/CMOS Interfaces group

The Bio/CMOS Interfaces (BCI) Group is one of the worldwide leader groups in the field of design and fabrication of biosensors-on-chip and bio-interfaces, with target on DNA and protein based arrays.

The group’ research is specially focused on the development of new bio/CMOS interfaces by also integrating new and innovative nano- and bio- materials in the electrochemical-sensing surface. Research involves both the design of novel biosensing devices, intimate integration of highly heterogeneous systems, and development of electronics with CMOS technology. The novel approach proposed by this leading group corresponds to a co-design of the different layers (bio, nano, and CMOS frontend) to improve the integration of these highly heterogeneous systems in order to overcome the usual limits of biosensors in term of specificity and sensitivity.

Now operating at the Integrated Circuits Laboratory (ICLAB) and Integrated Systems Laboratory (LSI), the group studies advanced design-technologies for Circuits and Systems in Biomedical Applications. The group focus is on Bioelectronics and Biophysics of nano- and bio-structured thin molecular films integrated on micro and nano fabricated silicon chips for applications in human diagnostics, remote monitoring of human metabolism, drug detection, personalized medicine, and precision medicine